Maya Schweizer: „Where Ivy Cracks The Wall“

03 August, 2019, 04:30 pm

On the occasion of the publication of the new artist book “Where Ivy Cracks The Wall” by Maya Schweizer, the LURU Cinema presents four films by Maya Schweizer at the invitation of ASPN gallery and the artist.
Maya Schweizer’s filmic practice combines documentary aspects with collaging effects. Historical events or architectural testimonies are examined. Insignia of power and society and associated social and cultural mechanisms are the focus of Maya Schweizerer’s work.
Maya Schweizer is present / no etry fee.

Film programm of 71 minuten in total

A Memorial, a Synagogue, a Bridge and a Church
HD / 12 min / 2012

Texture of Oblivion / Faktury niepamięci
HD / 18 min / 2016

A Tall Tale
HD / 16,30 min / 2017

Regarde par ici,…Und dort die Puschkinalle
HD / 25 min / 2018

The artist book „Where Ivy Cracks The Wall“ is published by Naima éditions in 2019