Matthias Reinmuth: Glow

14 January 2023 – 25 March 2023

Matthias Reinmuth’s paintings are abstract, free of objects and experiment serially with the complexity of colors. He uses glazing layers of paint, as if to stop and make visible short, blurred sequences. Bright fields of color are blended into one another, new shades appearing through the incidence of light as fleeting moments, with no definitive end. Passing landscapes without location, the sky or the deep sea, under a microscope or veiled gaze – movement and speed are compressed into one essential moment.

With a sense of dynamism influenced by technologies and the speed of modern life, Reinmuth challenges our reception and triggers with the suggestion of movement. A background noise of subjective, personal emotions of sounds and images of the media and social networks, a flicker as if we close our eyes and the stream of visual and audiovisual information of our digital world rushes past us.

Matthias Reinmuth, born in Heilbronn in 1974, lives and works in Berlin. He studied at the Berlin University of the Arts with Georg Baselitz and Dirk van der Meulen from 2004 as a master student of Georg Baselitz. His work has been featured in numerous solo exhibitions, including the Museum gegenstandsfreier Kunst Otterndorf in 2021, Edward Cella Gallery in Los Angeles, USA and Bendana Pinel, Paris, France in 2020. In September 2023 he will open a duo exhibition together with Raffaele Cioffi at Galleria Monopoli in Milano, Italy.

[Text Nora Langen]