Johannes Daniel: Mind to Mind

28 October – 16 Dezember 2023

Flowing materiality envelops fragmentary figures. As if sprung from glossy magazines, people are surrounded by lettering and (expressive) forms.

For Johannes Daniel, the material does not function without the body and the body does not function without the material. From his digital sample case he transfers the virtual into the real. Bodies are cut apart and reassembled, clothes casually thrown on and poses rehearsed. In the process, the missing takes on a central role. Johannes Daniel portrays components of identities.

Physicality turns into abstraction; the pictorial content can no longer be read as something narrative. What remains is a sound that becomes loud between the picture levels and lets one’s own sensation vibrate. If we immerse ourselves in Johannes Daniel’s pictorial worlds, we lose ourselves in an unbounded space. Here we encounter shiny satin, merging bodies and pulsating dynamics.

An antichoreo of the incomplete, which in its completed composition comes together as a new whole. The cutouts and fragments are basic attitude in Johannes Daniel’s works and form a thesis about the fragmentary nature of reality.


[Laura Gerstmann, 2023]