Jennifer König, Matthias Reinmuth, Johannes Rochhausen: Into The Open

6 November – 18 December 2021

Into The Open is a compilation of three sensitive pictorial worlds.

In his paintings, Johannes Rochhausen grants intimate glimpses into his studio. A place that otherwise remains hidden from the outside world. Sensitive to nuances, he depicts his immediate surroundings and reproduces the special mood of the room and light. A look out of the studio window, into the room or on a side table with houseplants, ashtrays and pieces of apples – it seems as if you were there yourself.

The abstract works of Matthias Reinmuth represent atmospheric pictorial worlds that build up before the eyes of the viewer and continue to unfold in their own perception. They are based on various visual impressions that can be seen in our complex world. The flickering and streaming of the countless everyday images, however, has fallen silent. What remains is an intangible background noise that opens the view to one’s own seeing and an emotional access.

Broad brushstrokes whose ends fray, interwoven balls of color that are closed on the outside – Jennifer Köngi’s works examine the pure gesture of painting, but much more so the colors and forms themselves. Her painting grounds give the gesture a space of calm and pause. The color is rich, but at the same time transparent and luminous, revealing every filigree line of the brush fiber.

As different as the three positions are able to unleash fine sensory impressions, as large is the field that opens up when these three positions are placed in relation to each other. Into The Open – perception opens up, gravity dissolves and a space of sensation emerges.

[Laura Gerstmann]