Demo Mode Society

Rufina Bazlova, Fabian Bechtle / Leon Kahane, Sebastian Jung, Lea Petermann, Andrzej Steinbach
Exhibition on the phenomenon of demonstration, social constellations and the street as a display.
01 March – 27 March 2021
Exhibition online

Taking to the streets has always been a means of expressing political will. In democracies, this freedom of expression is a valuable asset; in other systems of government, demonstrations are not allowed or are even prevented by force.
Society always consists of many participants. Various sociological models describe that society begins with three. Simply put: You, me, and someone watching us, who is an eyewitness to the existence of the other. You, me and someone each have all the roles: I am me, I am you and I am someone for you others.
Taking to the streets has also always been a means of being seen and thus being a securitised part of political events. Right now, a pandemic is gripping the world and the possibilities to demonstrate in the streets are limited. And so, at the same time, the experience of experiencing like-mindedness, solidarity and affirmation as demo participants is limited.

Have you ever been to a demonstration? And if so, which was your first and which was your last? What would you go on the street for next Sunday, and what would be on your banner? “Demo Mode Society” shows 5 artistic positions that address the phenomenon of demonstration in different ways: The street as display, society as physical experience and a demo as plural body language are explored. A dead dictator, a smiling journalist and flying stones are part of the scenery.

Rufina Bazlova

Fabian Bechtle / Leon Kahane

Sebastian Jung

Lea Petermann

Andrzej Steinbach