CFM, Matthias Reinmuth, Cindy Schmiedichen: mischen

13 September – 18 October, 2014

13 September, 11 am – 9 pm
14 September, 11 am – 6 pm withing gallery tour of SpinnereiGalleries

Matthias Reinmuth’s paintings manifest as open spaces. In their weightless and pulsating depth, infinity and solid materiality become one and the same thing. Cindy Schmiedichen casts and constructs compact yet delicate objects out of plaster. Aggregate states seem to have coalesced in a spontaneous moment in these pieces, as if they would mark the abrupt standstill of a flowing material. CFM exposes, manipulates and intensifies sounds. Acoustic substance floods the space, shaping and transforming it. These are three situation reports on liquid processes; presented as image, object and sound.