Benjamin Appel, Stefanie Kägi, Jochen Plogsties, Maya Schweizer, Katsutoshi Yuasa: In Abeyance

29 June – 03 August 2019

In Abeyance

Abeyance – that means to know the options, but to not exclude any possibility. Between solid or liquid, blue or bluish, line or surface, the boundaries are lifted to allow a view of the whole.
Benjamin Appel layers surfaces and colors, stacks and compresses them on the canvas. In his work painting is not representational but object. Each edge connects bottom to top, inside to outside and material to structure.
Stefanie Kägi draws threads through space, canvas and paper. With the copier she (re-) produces embroidery or makes a room divider out of a small seam. The line breaks, where the yarn pulls itself to a noose.
Jochen Plogsties weaves narration and patterns together. The lines that run through his paintings are orderly and at the same time tell of universal compositional structures.
Maya Schweizer’s embroidered displays visualize a virtual conversation: beginning and end are ambiguous and the thread is lost in the black fabric. A cinematic space opens up behind the text fragments.
Katsutoshi Yuasa’s woodcuts visibly feature innumerable lines from which the eye generates an image that dissolves again when approached close enough. A forest clearing of light and dark is just as well a precisely designed accumulation of blanks.