ASPN x She BAM! x Martinetz @ Cologne

12 November – 20 November 2022

Galerie Martinetz
Molkestr. 81, Köln

ASPN x She BAM! present a queer-feminist Bouquet of up and coming artists.

We collaborate with Martinetz Galerie and celebrate our network of independence as women gallery owners. The proceeds of ASPN x She BAM! will be shared collectively, modelled on the CASE initiative. SheBAM! and ASPN are testing the power of synergy and a solidarity-based art economy. In unstable times, we are strong above all together.

This „toghether” includes artistic producers, gallery owners and the buyers of art as actors.

The 4 artists from different origins, backgrounds and journeys work on themes that focus on current global challenges: social and ecological justice, climate protection, feminism and queer perspectives, and the relationship of the sensitive subject to collective and social processes. It is about bodies and space, representation and language and it is not least about love and out common future.

Katarína Dubovská opens the field of photography into the conceptual. She thinks about feminism and global climate change from the perspective of cyclical energy transfers: raw materials must be thought of in cycles, and power must be redistributed in a gender-just way. Aspects of her migrant biography flow into her artistic work – transformations and transfers release energies and are designed as opportunities for future social processes.

In her multimedia work, Anaïs Goupy investigates and develops the woman as a warrior. The female body is no longer an object of disposal of a desiring gaze but rather takes powerful action for justice and legitimate individuality. Artificial intelligence and pop cultural icons serve as working tools. Anaïs’ transcultural perspective of the French woman in Germany synthesizes two lines of the tradition of feminist empowerment.

Harry Hachmeister focuses on individual and collective processes. As a trans artist, the human body plays a role as a manifestation of identity, but also as an aspect of social coexistence: his ceramic sports equipment appears in hordes and cliques, and his cute cats are demolition masters in the quarry of self-perception. Animals as better people show us how it’s done: Together is better, humour is better, and love wins. 

Winnie Seifert is a passionate networker and is a founder of the art space “Stephanie Kelly” in Dresden, which follows a strictly gender-parity cast of the exhibition program. As a painter, she relies unreservedly on the power of intuition. Her colourful canvases are a glowing manifesto for the power of emotion and nature as a matrix for the peaceful and synergistic co-existence of individuals.