Andrzej Steinbach: The Parallax View

24 June – 23 July, 2016

24 June, 6 – 9 pm

The perspective of consideration determines perception. This is valid not only in spatial, but also in cultural, social and political respects and also for the temporal dimension of assessing contemporary or historical events. If one changes the viewing angle, objects seem to move against the background. This phenomenon is called the Parallaxe View.
In his exhibition “The Parallax View”, Andrzej Steinbach shows works that shift perspecitve in various ways.
“Funke“ is an three part audio installation that focuses on the events of a politically left-wing historiography. In the alienation and restaging of the historical material, access is made possible under today’s conditions. The situation can be read in a different way from a new perspective. The photographic work “Ordinary Stones” shows more than stones. These stones can be all kinds of things – geological finds, building material, artifacts or weapons. Steinbach complements them with photos of clothing. Coats, serving as a second skin, protect and uniform the people who wear them. They also work as fashion or political statements. In the context of Steinbach’s photographic series, he questions the readability and explicitness of their content: Is a coat just a coat and a paving stone just material for road builing? It is not. In this sense a record player is also not only a device to play music. In one of the audio files of the installation “Funke”, a female voice reads out all names of the RAF group. Andreas Baader was found shot dead in the Stammheim prison in 1977. In his cell he had a record player in which a gun was hidden.